We are past saying “now is the time” for more gun control

October 3, 2017

On Sunday, October 1, thousands of Americans were enjoying a country music festival in Las Vegas when a shooter sprayed down bullets at the open unexpecting crowd, taking 58 lives and injuring 500 others. Families are shattered and many more lives are forever changed. Needless to say, we are horrified by the violence and our sincerest prayers are with the victims and their families.

Lori Margaret, a member of the MPAC family, once experienced the chaos and violence of a mass shooting herself. Listen to her talk about the terror she felt when she was on the other end of a gun.

It is long overdue that we address the epidemic of senseless violence in our country. Now is the time to overcome this disastrous new normal and create effective gun control policies. Following the Sandy Hook shooting, MPAC stood with a number of interfaith leaders on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall to say ‘no’ to gun violence. Hundreds of people gathered to express grief, but to also demand action. Four years later, this is still an unresolved issue in our country and it is costing us lives.

Even after many lives were lost, the Trump administration is continuing to push back against gun control laws. Trump recently overturned a law that made it more difficult for those with mental illness to obtain a gun. He will be implementing a new law that will open up the market for gun silencers, which make it more difficult to detect where gunshot sounds are coming from.

These reckless and dangerous policies will only cause more harm.

We supported a comprehensive approach to reducing gun violence rolled out by Vice President Joe Biden and the Obama administration called “Now is the Time.” The White House’s plan included several recommendations that would have prevented shootings like last night, including closing background check loopholes and getting assault weapons out of the wrong hands.

We can all support the victims and their families by donating to the LaunchGood campaign that is raising money for those who need it. Muslims United for Las Vegas Victims was started by a group of American Muslim leaders after the shooting.



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