SCOTUS allows travel ban to go into full effect

December 4, 2017

The Supreme Court has allowed the travel ban to go into full effect, marking the first time that any version of the ban has gone into effect in its entirety, confirming fears across the country. While appeals are pending in the U.S. Courts of Appeals, this ruling is a major blow.

This ban unfairly targets people because of their faith, preventing them from traveling to the United States, whether it is to reunite with their families or to find better opportunities. The possibilities for immigrants and their families are now stagnated.

The current administration’s tendencies to promote xenophobic rhetoric and discriminatory policies have become a reality for many communities. For those who believe in freedom and equality, regardless of which religion they practice or where they come from, the Supreme Court decision is disappointing. However, the work will continue, as this is yet another reason to make sure our work to improve understanding and policies that affect American Muslims go beyond the courts. We must continue to challenge our country’s leaders and decision-makers to champion equality and justice for all.



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