12 Years Later: Remembering the Victims of 9/11

September 11, 2013

Today, MPAC stands in unity with all Americans in commemorating 9/11, a day of national importance. We honor the memory of the victims of the attacks and their family members and remember the sacrifice of all the first-responders.

Courageous men and women were first to show up to the scene to selflessly protect, save and serve our fellow citizens. The bravery shown by the first-responders that day is a poignant example of our resiliency in a time of crisis.

 "Though this day is always marked with tragedy, sadness and loss, the majority of Americans have also proven that regardless of religious background, race or ethnicity, that under trying times, we will remain unified," said Salam Al-Marayati, MPAC’s President. “This is an important time for us to recall our national values and commit ourselves to overcoming the divisiveness of our current climate.” 

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