Because immigration impacts a large segment of our community, MPAC has made it a priority to support and promote comprehensive immigration reform. We collaborate with progressive advocates for immigration reform based in Washington, DC and communities around the country.

We have partnered with a wide variety of community-based organizations -- including the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, the South Asian Network and the Rights Working Group -- to establish common goals that would provide necessary reform while ensuring respect and justice for those among us affected by the enormous cracks in our broken immigration system.

We have also been working to put a name and face to the stories of those casualties of the immigration process.  We collected stories from Muslim Americans who have fallen through the cracks of the immigration system and those stories will be featured in our upcoming immigration policy paper titled "Ineffective & Unjust: Fixing Our Nation's Broken Immigration System."  The stories feature people whose lives were struck by the bureaucracy and obstacles of our present immigration system. The memo and stories within it are intended to inform immigration policy reform and to convey to policy makers the dire need for comprehensive immigration reform now.


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