MPAC Urges Senate to Oppose Sanctions on Iran

January 14, 2014

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, MPAC joined 62 national faith-based, security and advocacy organizations in sending a letter to the Senate urging its members to oppose legislation, Senate Bill 1881 "Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013," which seeks to impose new sanctions against Iran. 

SEE: "An Odd Silence Among Senate Dems on Iran" (Washington Post)

The diverse coalition is giving voice to public opinion on the ground that is opposed to America entering another baseless war.

MPAC has maintained that sanctions against Iran are counterproductive and highly problematic because they target and affect the most vulnerable in Iranian society. 

The letter reads, in part:

“New sanctions will erode rather than strengthen our leverage for negotiations. Further, an unclassified U.S. intelligence assessment warns that ‘new sanctions would undermine the prospects for a successful comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran.’ S.1881 also sets insurmountable demands for a comprehensive nuclear deal by insisting that Iran dismantle its entire ‘nuclear infrastructure, including enrichment and reprocessing capabilities and facilities.’ Such a demand is a poison pill for negotiations and is not necessary to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.”

The bill was introduced on the Senate floor just before members went on recess. Rather than heeding the successful negotiations between Iran and the international community, this bill seeks to introduce highly problematic sanctions on Iran and essentially force the U.S. into war with Iran. It leaves no room for debate or diplomacy. 

Diplomacy with Iran is working; the call to increase sanctions and possibly force America into another costly war is counter to having an agenda focusing on the strength of our country. The White House responded to the Senate Bill by threatening to issue a veto against the bill to ensure its passage does not go through.

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