Islamic Center of SoCal to Host 'I Am Change' Workshop for Youth Program

October 23, 2011

On Sunday, Oct. 23, Saadia Khan, MPAC's Civic Outreach Coordinator, will host an "I Am Change" Civic Workshop for the Youth program at the Islamic Center of Southern California. 

Khan, who joined MPAC in the summer of 2007 as an intern in the LA office, has helped plan MPAC's Hollywood Bureau, the 1st Annual Youth Leadership Summit in LA and currently conducts outreach  to the interfaith communities. She is also part of the Christian-Muslim Consultative group and Abrahamic Faith Peacemaking Initiative.

Khan conducts cultural awareness trainings on Islam 101 and Hate Crime Prevention to schools and law enforcement as well as many bullying forums to bring awareness to the subject. 

In three hours Khan will speak about promoting civic engagement from an Islamic perspective with members of your community, cultivating a deeper understanding of how local, state and federal government works and your role in advocating at each level, establishing practical skills in how to talk about the issues you care about with public officials and the media and discussing examples of Muslim Americans who are successfully working for change every single day, and making a difference

"I Am Change" is about active citizenship. It's about each of us embracing our rights as Muslim Americans to work with decision makers in our local communities, in our state legislatures, and in Congress to shape better policies.

Please get in touch with us today to schedule an "I Am Change" workshop in your community by calling (202) 547-7701 or emailing us at

-- Marium F. Mohiuddi
Communications Coordinator 

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