Hussein & Lekovic to Speak at MIST

March 30, 2013

MPAC's Young Leaders Program Coordinator, Yasmin Hussein, and MPAC's Director of Policy and Programming, Edina Lekovic, have been invited to speak at the Washington, DC, and Los Angeles Regional Muslim Interscholastic Tournaments (MIST) on March 30-31.

With the theme of “The Patience of Champions: Rising to a Better Self,” Hussein will be speaking about "Unbrand Me: Responding to Toxic Media." Hussein will examine the restrictions young Muslims may feel by the labels society imposes on them and how we can change the perception some may have on the sometimes negative lens of the media. Hussein will talk about what we can do to help shape the public opinion of Muslims and how to respond to labels and become empowered to have difficult conversations. 

Hussein is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University (FAU) where she received her bachelor's degree in intercultural/organizational communication with a minor in non-Western history and is currently in the process of completing her master's degree in intercultural, cultural and rhetorical communication. During her graduate coursework at FAU, Hussein was awarded a teaching assistantship and taught undergraduate courses in public speaking and interpersonal communication. As MPAC's Young Leaders Program Coordinator, Hussein coordinates the Young Leaders Summits in DC, NYC and LA and internship program. 

MIST is a weekend long event at the University of Maryland, which brings together hundreds of high school students from around all over the DC/Maryland/Virginia area to engage in scholastic tournaments, attend workshops and learn more about the opportunities presented to them by organizations.

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