What We Need is Moral Power Over Political Power

December 14, 2017

America is in a moral crisis; one that goes well beyond racism and Islamophobia. It’s a moral crisis of preying on our differences to fan the flames of fear and division. Our social justice icons understood that it is not political power that creates change but moral power that unites the religious and agnostic, conservative and progressive around shared values.

2018 marks our 30-year anniversary. Will you support us as we continue to build a moral power base with allies of all creeds? Please donate $250 towards our $100,000 year-end goal.

Here’s what we’ve done just in the last few months:

  • We helped pass an anti hate crime Resolution in the Senate holding perpetrators against Muslims and other minorities accountable for their actions.
    We helped shut down multiple versions of the Muslim Ban by filing legal briefs and coordinating pushback with allies.
    We launched our inaugural Advisory Council, expanding our access and impact through nearly a dozen leaders and opinion shapers with expertise in policy, entertainment, community organizing, law and academia.

In the words of Rev. William Barber at this year’s MPAC Convention:

“You believe in what’s right, you believe in caring for the poor, lifting up the hurting, lifting up the vulnerable, and standing for justice. You should make it your business to support the work of MPAC. I certainly am.”

Support us in creating tomorrow’s moral power base today with a gift of $250.

Forward. Together. 30 years strong.


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