We’ve finally turned the corner in Hollywood

We’ve finally turned the corner in Hollywood

February 2, 2019

I just got back from representing MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau at our fourth Sundance Film Festival.

This year we organized a panel with Kartemquin Films, who just received an Oscar nomination for Minding the Gap. We had a great conversation around director David Washburn’s Docu-series, Loyalty:Stories-Being Muslim in the Miltary. Sundance is always an amazing experience and as I have done previously, I wanted to share my reflections about this year’s experience with you.

With your support, we’ve been working in the industry for several years now to make sure Muslims are being included and represented authentically. While there is still so much change that needs to happen, I’m happy to report that progress is being made. It is slow, but it is real. We constantly hear that Muslims are having a “Hollywood Moment” and at this year’s festival I really saw that tangible shift. There were several projects from talented Muslim creatives that were featured at the festival and have sold to studios and digital platforms.

From our vantage point, we have finally turned that corner.

So MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau will continue to work to include and improve Muslim characters and storylines and will continue to work in connecting TV networks and film studios to Muslim talent. We will continue to work to make the changes we need to bring us past even equity and inclusion to appreciation and respect.

Thank you for working hand in hand with us to ensure that this not be a moment, but a movement.

Here’s to the future.




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