A program for aspiring leaders

The summits are a pivotal moment for for leadership development, both political and professional.

August 18, 2018

Guest column by Policy Intern Isabelle Diebel

The 2018 Policy & Media Summit was extremely informative in that it exposed me and my fellow delegates to so many different fields and outlets all under the policy umbrella. It was interesting to see just how many ways policy intersects with not only different issue platforms but different sectors, like with the tech industry, with research firms, with media, etc. It's easy to assume that DC just means government, but the summit was a needed reminder that there are infinite avenues to address policy.

The summit is an unprecedented chance to meet with people who are immediately involved in the policy-making process and express your opinions and/or challenge them to do more. It is important that all different communities take every chance to meet with people with political power, and ensure that we hold them accountable.

This is such an important program for people who are either aspiring one day to be in leadership positions but also for people just entering the workforce in another field, this is a pivotal moment for development, both political and professional. This is an important experience that allows young leaders to find their voice and use it for issues that affect them daily. It is important to continue this program to continue long-term development for young leaders to provide for a sounder future.





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