Midterms 2018 Voter Resources

Increasing accessibility to make your voice heard

November 5, 2018

Voter Guide

If you're a California resident, check out MPAC President and Co-Founder Salam Al-Marayati's discussion and Q&A on the propositions on the 2018 CA Midterm ballot. Read our recommendations here.

Getting to the polls

According to a Lyft blog post, over 15 million registered voters for the 2016 election did not vote due to transporation issues. This year, multiple public and private transportation companies are working to change that!

L.A. Metro

Metro will be offering free bus and train rides on Election Day between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. Metro will also offer free 30-minute Metro bike share rides. Enter promo code 1162018 at the station kiosk, and your first 30 minutes are free. It’s $1.75 for every additional 30 minutes after that.

Uber & Lyft

To encourage voter turnout, both ridesharing apps are offering discounts to passengers. Lyft will offer 50% off rides to the polls, while Uber is offering a $10 discount. Both companies have partnered with various non-profit organizations to offer free rides to those who need them. Find more information on Lyft discounts here, and Uber’s discounts here.

Long line? Make it more bearable

Pizza to the Polls

Is the line at your polling place long? Reach out to @PizzaToThePolls ‏with a report of your long line and they'll send pizza directly to the line! Here's the link to submit a request!

When the Midterms are over...what's next?

From immigrant rights to family separation to asylum-seekers to the Muslim Travel Ban, our communities are facing enormous challenges. Yet we have prevailed, and shown that we can overcome injustice when we come together and don’t give up.

Our annual Convention brings together Americans of all backgrounds to discuss the most pressing challenges facing our country and our communities, with the goal of finding common ground which must include mutual respect, justice and dignity for all Americans regardless of ethnic origin, religious beliefs, or immigration status. We will hear from recently detained fathers, community leaders, and dedicated activists as they share their experiences and strategies in working toward social justice - for ourselves and for each other. Join us for our annual Convention this Saturday, November 10th in Long Beach, CA.

This year's Convention: Advancing America Toward Justice, is not to be missed. Tickets are still available but selling out fast!



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