Independence and Creativity as an Intern

MPAC's internship has been very important, it's empowered me to pursue a future in politics

August 27, 2018

Guest column by Policy Intern Aneeb Sheikh


My name is Aneeb Sheikh, I’m a policy intern and Policy & Media Summit Alum. I want to ask you to invest in the two programs that empowered me and helped me to develop my professional skills.

I spent this summer as a policy intern at MPAC’s DC office and also participated in the Policy & Media Summit last summer. This experience has given me a lot of hands-on experience that I know will be invaluable as I enter the workforce after graduation. I’ve drafted Capitol Hill briefings on religious persecution, written an op-ed, produced a video and so much more. One of the projects that I’m most proud of was hosting a voter registration drive for the Muslim community. Along with another intern, I received a grant that allowed us to host an open mic night at the mosque where we emphasized the significance of the upcoming midterm elections and provided voter registration services.

MPAC’s environment is one where independence and creativity are highly encouraged. This really has allowed me and my fellow interns to flourish and develop. Because of this experience, I feel empowered to pursue a career in politics. I ask that you support these programs with a $100 donation so students and young professionals like myself can continue to learn and thrive in our careers.

I am so grateful for this experience and can’t wait to use everything I learned from Hoda, Salam and the rest of the staff in my career. 



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