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December 12, 2019


Watch the highlights from the 2019 Convention.






We're Present in Critical Conversations

Online radicalization is a growing threat to marginalized communities. Ensuring inclusive representation in critical conversations in tech, policy, and government sectors is the first step in eliminating online hate speech. Our DC Office Director, Hoda Hawa, recently spoke about human rights in tech at a conference hosted by Youtube in New Zealand. Not only was MPAC the only American NGO represented in a room full of representatives from government, tech companies, and civil society from around the world, but she was also the only Muslim in the room. We’re taking the first step by not only being present in these conversations, but creating avenues for inclusion for others.





Unparalleled Access on Capitol Hill

On October 24th we held the “We Are America: The Diversity of the American Muslim Experience” Congressional Briefing. We partnered with 5 Congressional Caucuses and had a full house with Representative Judy Chu in attendance as well as legislative staff from across the aisle. All attendees left the room understanding that American Muslims are not a monolith and are a very diverse community. Hearings like this illustrate our access in Capitol Hill and how we utilize that to do our work to help better serve the American Muslim community.







Training Muslim Writers with Hollywood Titans

Our next Screenwriting Lab will focus on Children’s Media and will be held in partnership with Practice Wonder! Through this lab Muslim screenwriters will have an opportunity to hone their craft in a day-long intensive lab with leading creatives from Children’s television. Selected participants will have their scripts workshopped, perfect their pitch, and liaise with a network of industry professionals to guide them in their writing careers. These labs are designed to advance Muslim screenwriters in their careers and advance authentic narratives about Amerian Muslims in television and film.

Read more about our lab →






Using Engagement to Protect Muslims

This year we’ve made it a priority to ensure the protection for American Muslim communtities. The first step has entailed protecting our houses of worship, Islamic Centers and organizations from harm. Historically, the Muslim community has been unable to access free federal resources to do that. In order to change that we organized a program to share those resources with leaders nationally by hosting conference calls and in-person meetings in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. In these meetings, leaders were given resources to apply for grants and get security training for their organizations. Because of our long-standing relationships with public servants and career civil servants, we are able to provide our community with resources and programs like these.






Taking Ownership of our Country

“God does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition” (13:11)

Dr. Yusef Salaam and Salam Al-Marayati both reflected on this verse during our annual Convention last month; it truly is our responsibility as American Muslims to take proactive steps for social change for every American. This message was echoed by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and Jose Antonio Vargas, our other distinguished keynote speakers. Representing the Black, Arab, Undocumented, LGBQT+, and LatinX communities, each of them underscored the importance of the intersectionality of our common causes.

This is our country. Let’s take ownership for its future.


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