We Oppose Air Strikes. We Oppose War.

We don’t need another unnecessary war.

September 16, 2019

We oppose the air strikes that targeted oil fields in Saudi Arabia on September 14th that have led to an increase of war-mongering rhetoric. A war with Iran is not only unnecessary, but the senseless escalation currently underway is dangerous and needs to stop. The results of such action would be catastrophic, not only for communities across the globe but also for the possibility of an enduring peace in the region. We oppose any actions that could lead to a war. The power to authorize war rests solely with the Congress, and that the primary stakeholders in any such action should be the people of the United States.

You can join us in telling Congress to oppose a war with Iran here: mpac.org/noiranwar, and by tweeting your opposition to the U.S.’s escalatory efforts under the hashtag #NoIranWar. 

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