Trump’s Islamophobic Nominee for Director of OPM Can Not Be Confirmed

How MPAC is Engaging with Congress to Ensure Diversity Flourishes in All Government Agencies

September 11, 2020

On September 9th, 2020 John Gibbs underwent his congressional nomination hearing to receive confirmation for the role of OPM Director. Mr. Gibbs is the latest Nominee by the Trump administration. If approved, he will take over the Office of Personnel Management, serving a four-year appointment. However, this appointment raises red flags for stakeholders, as the Nominee will be responsible for leading the chief human resources agency for the Federal government. 

Anyone responsible for serving in an HR capacity must remain open and non-partial to employees of various backgrounds. The behavior of the Nominee, John Gibbs, is not reflective of such values. 

The Muslim Public Affairs Council recognized Mr. Gibbs Islamophobic tendencies, and wrote a statement to the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC) urging all members to vote against the confirmation of the nomination. 



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Our statement was cited several times during the hearing, and was introduced into the record by Ranking Member Gary Peters of Michigan. 

This statement outlined articles written by Mr. Gibbs regarding Islam which showcased his animosity towards Muslims. As the potential director for THE Human Rights Agency of the Federal Government, we felt that his behavior would have a direct impact on the workplace wellness of employees who held different views than himself. 

Due to the clear lack of impartiality in his writings and a refusal to apologize for his insensitive claims about the Islamic Faith, the statement we shared with the HSGAC clearly outlined that we maintain that Mr. Gibbs is not an acceptable candidate for the role of Director of OPM. 

We were pleased to see bipartisan support for our statement, and appreciate Senators Rick Scott (R), Mitt Romney (R), Maggie Hassan (D), and Ranking Member Gary Peters (D) for asking Nominee Gibbs the questions mentioned in our statement regarding Muslims and Islam. We look forward to our joined efforts leading to a more equitable and Inclusive America for all 



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