Trump's Decision to End DACA is Cruel & Un-American

September 5, 2017

Once again, the Trump administration has decided to play politics over creating sound policy. Today, the Trump administration announced the termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Starting today, the fate of 800,000 young people are now uncertain. These are young individuals who call America home and contribute to our society.

The Trump administration continues to promote xenophobic and anti-American policies. We call on Congress to pass legislation that protects DREAMers and provide a pathway to citizenship.

The Trump administration continues to pass shameful policies. They are targeting some of the most vulnerable of society -- young people, and the fact that the decision to terminate this program has been made, continues to show that this administration is not a champion for American values.

We will continue to work with and urge Congress to pass commonsense comprehensive immigration reform including legislation to preserve DACA.

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