Commander-in-Chief's Bigoted Tweet

Congress must condemn words that seek to sow fear, hate and division in America

April 16, 2019

This past weekend, President Trump tweeted spliced footage of Rep. Omar’s speech at a CAIR banquet with footage of 9/11. President Trump’s tweet was dangerous, and effectively placed both a sitting member of Congress, as well as American Muslims, at risk of harm. This is but one of many recent instances where the president has targeted people of color, especially women of color, to further embroil the country in hate and fear-mongering.

While the President was roundly condemned by some in the Democratic Party, there were members on both sides of the aisle who offered either serious defenses of President Trump, or delayed and measured defenses of Rep. Omar. In the past, this extreme and hateful rhetoric has led to real-life violence, particularly against American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim. In light of this, we urge Twitter to take Trump’s tweet down. Leaders on both sides of the aisle need to condemn Trump’s hateful tweets.


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