Bolton's Lingering Legacy

John Bolton might have been fired, but his policies are still around

September 10, 2019

Earlier today, John Bolton was fired from his position as National Security Advisor in the Trump administration. In his short time there, John Bolton added to the severely damaged global standing of the US and our diplomatic relations with global allies. He threatened sanctions on the International Criminal Court, a guarantor of human rights, and denied its legitimacy. He helped advance the U.S. toward war with Iran, led the U.S.’s attempted regime change in Venezuela, and routinely damaged diplomatic relations with North Korea. He also undermined the peace talks between Israel and Palestine through the U.S.’s decision to move their Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Prior to joining the Trump administration, Bolton was no less hawkish and warmongering. The world is less safe when John Bolton holds a position of power. During the Bush administration, Bolton lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and led the rush to go to war. He was also a key player in covering up the Reagan-era Iran-Contra scandal. Bolton is also one of the most prolific and well-connected Islamophobes. He leads Islamophobic organizations like the Gatestone Institute and the John Bolton Super PAC, and has deep connections with Islamophobes like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Frank Gaffney, and with anti-Muslim organizations like the American Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America.

Through a vast network of Islamophobes, Bolton spread anti-Muslim sentiment and birtherist conspiracies, fearmongered about Sharia law, supported Islamophobic candidates, and campaigned to designate Muslim individuals and organizations as foreign terrorists

Not only does Bolton’s evil precede his time in the White House, but this administration’s destabilizing role in the world will likely persist beyond his departure. We are not holding our breath to find out who will replace him. The policies Bolton worked to enact are the problem, and the majority of them were already in place.



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