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  • Senate Votes to Cease U.S. Military Involvement in Yemen

    December 14, 2018
    On Thursday, December 13th, S.J. Res. 54 passed, which stipulated the end of US involvement in the war in Yemen. The Senate just made history by invoking the War Powers Act of 1973 for the first time, and we encourage Congress to follow suit.

  • George H.W. Bush Dies at 94

    December 4, 2018
    On Saturday, November 30th, George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States, passed away at the age of 94. As America gathers to mourn, we reflect on his presidential tenure and its impact on America's relationship with the middle east, American Muslims, the war on drugs, and AIDS.

  • Ending US-Saudi war in Yemen

    November 27, 2018
    Our coalition is calling on the United States to “end participation in or any form of support for [the US-Saudi] conflict” in Yemen. We're asking that the Senate leads Congress in fulfilling its humanitarian imperative and constitutional duty to pass S.J.Res. 54 and swiftly end the Saudi-led war in Yemen so that millions may yet live.

  • Airbnb Removes Israeli Settlement Listings

    November 19, 2018
    On November 19th, 2018, Airbnb accepted our recommendation and announced that they would remove rentals on illegal Israeli settlements from their platform. The policy had hindered efforts to reach a peaceful solution by normalizing the illegal presence of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, and we applaud this step forward.

  • Sessions Resigns: Our Call for an Unbiased Replacement

    November 7, 2018
    In light of Jeff Session's November 7th resignation from the office of Attorney General, we call for his successor, Matthew Whitaker, to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Whitaker must be unbiased by personal politics or political interests. The urgency of this demand is underscored by the serious impact which Sessions’ actions have already had on underserved communities.

  • 2018 CA Ballot Recommendations

    November 5, 2018
    The 2018 Midterm elections are projected to have record turnouts. With a number of critical votes on California's ballot, MPAC President and Co-Founder Salam Al-Marayati leads a discussion and Q&A of the ballot measures and propositions leading up to the elections.

  • In Solidarity Against Hate

    October 31, 2018
    In just one week, three hateful crimes have left America shaken. We stand with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and nationwide, with all African-American victims of violence across the country, and for the right to express one’s political views without threat of harm. We stand against all divisive rhetoric, hate speech, and acts of violence against any human being for their religion, ethnicity, or political beliefs. This increasing violence must be confronted head-on, with a systemic, vocal critique and broad-based mobilization efforts.

  • Muslims Are Having A Hollywood Moment | NPR Interview

    October 30, 2018
    Leila Fadel from NPR's Morning Edition sat down with MPAC Hollywood Bureau Director Sue Obeidi, to discuss how the Trump presidency has inspired new Muslim content as a reaction to anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

  • Op-Ed: Islam is an American religion too, Mr. President

    June 14, 2018
    We are American and we are Muslim, and there is no conflict between the two. And yet the idea that Islam is antithetical to what the West, and the United States, represents survives and even thrives in this administration.

  • Op-Ed: How Anthony Bourdain Helped Humanize the Muslim Community (Guest Column)

    June 12, 2018
    While the death of Anthony Bourdain has been met with shock and sadness throughout the world, that pain is especially felt in our community. With his unique voice and acerbic wit, Mr. Bourdain dedicated his writing and television career to uncovering the lives of those in the shadows.


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