Policy Analysis

  • Congressional Hearing on White Nationalism

    April 8, 2019
    The attack in Christchurch, New Zealand did not happen in a vacuum. It was part of an overall increase in white nationalist violence that’s been legitimized through public officials’ extreme rhetoric in government, and effectively allowed to wreak havoc in society. On April 9, 2019, Congress will be holding a hearing on Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism.

  • Two Rulings Strengthen Perception of Anti-Muslim Bias in Supreme Court

    April 4, 2019
    Following last June’s Supreme Court decision in favor of the Muslim Ban, recent inconsistencies in rulings for religious accommodations for death-row inmates Domineque Ray, a Black Muslim, and Patrick Murphy, a white Buddhist, present a double standard, and strengthen the perception of an anti-Muslim bias. Our highest court should not favor one group over another. We can do better.

  • Watchlist perpetuates injustice

    March 7, 2019
    Last month, the FBI admitted to sharing their terror watchlist with over 1,400 private groups “in some way connected with the criminal justice system.” The revelation earned the scrutiny of many civil society organizations and sketches out a broader counterterror security apparatus than previously understood.

  • Rep. Ilhan Omar Sparks National Conversation

    February 14, 2019
    This past week, America turned its focus to freshman member of Congress Ilhan Omar for calling out the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC’s) pressure tactics on Capitol Hill. The capacity of lobbying groups like AIPAC and the NRA to wield significant influence over politicians needs to be addressed. We need a consistent measure for justice.

  • Three Takeaways From Last Night’s State of the Union

    February 6, 2019
    President Trump’s SOTU address fell flat in its divergence from actual policy and relied heavily on scapegoating and fear tactics. Here are three ways our nation can deliver on its great promise to its citizens.

  • Presidential Candidate Spotlight: Tulsi Gabbard

    January 16, 2019
    Leading up to the 2020 Presidential election, we’re shining a spotlight on various presidential candidates. This week we are exploring the potential candidacy of Tulsi Gabbard, the first Samoan-American and Hindu Congresswoman from Hawaii. She stands as a paradox in the current Democratic party. Gabbard encouraged former President Obama to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” defended Syrian President Assad, and garnered support from Steve Bannon and David Duke. She will have to answer for her record on these issues and others to help voters determine how well she can represent the interests of all Americans.

  • First Senate Bill of the New Congress is Unconstitutional

    January 9, 2019
    Senators Rubio, McConnell, Risch, and Gardner recently introduced the year’s first Senate bill (S.1), the “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019.” Included in S.1 is the “Combating BDS Act of 2019” which allows the U.S. government to take punitive measures against individuals found to be engaging in BDS activities. Though two federal courts deemed similar anti-BDS bills unconstitutional, such legislation enjoys bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.

  • A New Day in America

    January 3, 2019
    On January 3rd, Hoda Hawa, the Director of our D.C. office attended Speaker Pelosi's event welcoming the historically diverse 116th Congress. As the new Congress kicks off the legislative year, we are continuing our engagement with Members of Congress and their staff.

  • U.S. Needs to Call Violence in Myanmar ‘Genocide’

    December 12, 2018
    The House is scheduled to vote soon on H.Res. 1091, a resolution which would send a clear message to the Burmese government regarding their suppression of a free press. The U.S. should go farther than this by labeling the violence perpetrated by the Myanmar government as a genocide against the Rohingya Muslims.

  • The Muslim Ban: One Year Later

    December 5, 2018
    It has been a year since the Supreme Court allowed the third iteration of the Muslim Ban to take effect. We’re working to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act and demanding congressional oversight over implementation of the ban. We’re more motivated than ever to work with our allies and to make new ones in order to counteract this heinous policy.


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