Our Time to Speak Up

December 28, 2016

Dear Friend,

I need your help in making sure that the voices of American Muslims achieve the respect and platform they deserve at the national level.

We told you about our action plan for 2017 and we have already sprung into action by leading in developing the first open letter from American Muslim leaders to President-elect Donald Trump, which was signed by 450 leaders from around the country. The letter was featured in the Washington Post, LA Times and TIME. We talked about its significance on CNN.

With the rise in hateful rhetoric against Muslims and other minorities, we will make every effort to counter fear and prejudice by educating the public as Salam did on CNN last week. We want to ensure that our voices and views are heard loud and clear. We will work to educate the uninformed, dispel stereotypes, and ensure that we are represented.

There are only five days until the new year, so we ask that you make a contribution to MPAC Foundation today as we strive to ensure that America is enriched by the vital contributions of American Muslims. Support this work with a contribution of $150 or more before the end of the year.


Rabiah Ahmed

Director of Media and Public Affairs

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