One Thousand People, One Day of Learning & Action

November 14, 2017

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Nearly 1,000 people gathered at our Convention on Nov. 5 for an extraordinary day of learning, advocacy and calls to civic action.

Our nation is in the midst of a moral crisis, and this year’s Convention challenged us to respond with a moral voice by playing an active role in bridging the divides of religion, race and politics. We moved beyond labels like religious vs. secular, patriot vs. dissident, and liberal vs. conservative, to build a moral movement that makes space for people we disagree with, and to practice compassion and empathy.

We were called to move to the forefront of activism by Connie Rice, a leading civil rights attorney, who declared “American Muslim communities and American immigrant communities are going to be our salvation.”

Rev. William Barber delivered an impassioned call to action on our responsibility as people of faith to collectively organize in addressing the pressing challenges of our nation, saying “God says that if we do God’s will, He will use us to change the moral narrative of this nation,and to help us. And together, we will save the soul of America, and the soul of this democracy. I’m calling you to render a moral challenge for the moral crisis that we face in America.”

American Muslims represent a cross-section of our nation and stand at the apex of being a part of the solution to preserve the soul of America. We will continue to engage our government, media, and communities working for justice wherever justice needs us.

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