Meet Our Policy Intern, Charlotte Moreno

November 20, 2017

My name is Charlotte Moreno. I am a person of mixed-race: Latina and Caucasian. I was privileged to grow up in a relatively wealthy family and to blend into an upper class white community because I pass as white. But from the contradiction of being latina and white, I have grown to be curious about not only myself but also other people’s identities and struggles.

An Africana Studies class in college prompted me to dream about a career in human rights. We talked about current human rights issues and historical ones. We met with people who were working to make a difference for women, children, people of color, and communities that have been silenced. This class gave me courage and inspiration to think about a career in law and human rights.

I am interested in human rights issues that affect all communities. I served as a secretary for Asian Student Alliance at Gettysburg College which built the club from being barely recognized to a well-known and attended club. I also have worked in the Dominican Republic on a Projects for Peace grant to create a women’s center grounded in a women’s support group and a children’s leadership camp within the community. I was also dedicated member of the Latin American Student Association and Black Student Union. Additionally, I wrote about my experience as being a person of mixed race for SURGE, a social justice campus blog at my college. These experiences further deepened my interest in human rights.

As an intern for Muslim Public Affairs Council, I would be taking steps towards a career in human rights and public policy. I want to engage with those who have committed their lives to human rights issues and join them in working to illuminate problems and solutions.

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