Launching the Congressional Leadership Development Program

Application Deadline: April 15

March 9, 2015


MPAC is proud to announce the launch of its Congressional Leadership Development Program (CLDP), the first of its kind program to support and cultivate future political leaders from the American Muslim community. 

Many of our current industry giants had people that helped guide them and created avenues for them to be successful. Many policymakers have risen to the top due to the helping hand of experienced men and women who came before them. Capitol Hill is no exception. Opportunities provided to a large number of politicians and staffers when they were younger gave them the experience and knowledge of the workings of Washington for them to be successful and engaged today.

More than ever, making positive changes in today’s political climate requires creating mentorship and opportunities. 

We see groups that have stepped up to ensure that the youth in their communities have opportunities. The African American community has the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, a leadership institute which gives young people the opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill. TheCongressional Hispanic Caucus Institute does the same for Hispanic youth.

These programs cultivate the youth, ensuring that they find their way into meaningful positions in congressional offices. 

It’s now time for American Muslims to start investing in our future.

The Congressional Leadership Development Program (CLDP) is not just another summer internship program - MPAC’s goal is to foster and prepare the next generation of American Muslim leaders. The hope is that our next Muslim members of Congress, chiefs of staff, and policymakers will come from this program.

MPAC will select highly-motivated individuals and place them in congressional offices. We have also incorporated a leadership development component. These young American Muslims will participate in weekly classes focusing on the  inner workings of Washington - how to talk to congressmen, the art of networking, effective public speaking skills, and much more.

I would like to request two things of you - first, please do spread the word that the application process is now open. Second, the reason that other similar programs in Washington are successful is through funding. We want to give all qualified future leaders an opportunity to realize their dreams without being held back due to financial obstacles. Thus, please consider contacting me at to invest in the future of the American Muslim community and in our youth.


Saif Inam
Policy Analyst



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