A Convention Update Months in The Making

October 21, 2017

Dear Friend,

There’s no getting around it. Our society is becoming more divided along ideological lines on issues pertaining to religion, race, or politics. That is precisely why we have spent the last several months planning a powerful, compelling and timely series of panel discussions at our upcoming Convention. You will leave the Convention energized, inspired and equipped with actionable insights from internationally recognized experts, community organizers, innovators, and activists working on bridging the divide.

We will be tackling the following issues:

America has always struggled in prioritizing the security of the nation over the civil rights of its citizens. Are the two mutually exclusive and does compromising one damage the effectiveness of the other?

Mike Downing, Former LAPD Deputy Chief
Jody Armour, USC Roy P. Crocker Professor of Law
Seema Ahmad, MPAC Board Chair

The fear of religious minorities at home and abroad has resulted in the use of religion as a tool for discrimination. Recently, the Trump administration issued guidance that permits discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs. Was the Bill of Rights written to protect religious minorities or to project the beliefs of the religious majority on the population?

Asifa Quraishi-Landes, University of Wisconsin Professor of Law
Nathan Walker, 1791 Delegates Executive Director
Omar Noureldin, MPAC Vice President

What does it really mean to be a patriotic American? The diversity of our nation guarantees no single answer. We’ll explore the rich and complex range of characteristics that address the question.

Connie Rice, Advancement Project Founder
Sammy Rangel, Life After Hate Executive Director
Salam Al-Marayati, MPAC President

If you are part of our Donor Circle, you can reserve your complimentary tickets by contacting Raahima Shoaib at raahima@mpac.org.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Salam Al-Marayati

P.S. I’m excited to share with you that some speakers at our Convention are also members of our inaugural Advisory Council. This Council advises us on strategy and programs, and is composed of leaders and opinion shapers with expertise in policy, entertainment, interfaith, law and academia.



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