Iman Ali

Policy and Programming Coordinator
Iman Ali currently serves as the Policy and Programming Coordinator for the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Washington D.C..
Growing up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky, Iman brings a unique perspective as a Muslim woman of color from rural America. Her Muslim and Kentucky roots are key drivers behind her advocacy work. Iman continues to promote causes that not only provide a safer and sustainable atmosphere, but serve as a catalyst for a moral society.
Her background centers around the importance of justice and equality. In her time at the University of Kentucky, she devoted herself to learning about the struggles of marginalized communities. Graduating with a double major in Health, Society & Populations and Political Science and minors in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Psychology, and Sociology. 
Iman has a vested interest in uplifting voices of those who have historically been silenced which is why she is currently working towards a Masters degree from Harvard University, where she seeks an M.A. in Government. She served as a writer and Editor in Chief for The Odyssey, authoring several pieces on Muslim American issues, human rights, and civic engagement.
In 2018, Iman was selected as a fellow for the Muslim Public Service Network in Washington, D.C. As one of her first experiences interacting with civically engaged Muslims her own age Iman credits her time at MPSN as a period of great spiritual and professional development.
Iman hopes to utilize her time at MPAC to serve any and all she can. If you ever need a lending hand (or a comfort food recipe), she’s your go to!

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