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"I know that MPAC embraces that vital, critical work, recognizing that every misdeed by one who perverts Islam serves to quickly unravel our painstakenly woven thread of positive Muslim contributions to the United States of America. MPAC is our voice of courage, of conscious; expressing our collective outrage over those who perpetuate violence in the name of Islam. For we know our faith will not abide by such actions."



"If MPAC existed in 1939, '40, '41 an '42, Japanese Americans would never have been sent to [internment] camps. We were sent because there were decades of yellow journalism, decades of propaganda in the public media and no one said that's wrong; no one said you're inaccurate. The community was too weak and didn't have a voice in the state or in the nation's capitol. MPAC will move the youngsters forward, the community forward, and this whole country forward. MPAC will help us achieve that phrase in our Constitution that [states] 'in order to form a more perfect union.'"



Screenwriter, Former VP of Diversity Development at Fox Entertainment

"I first came into contact with MPAC several years ago when I was a diversity executive at Fox Broadcasting. [MPAC] brought to our attention inaccurate and provocative portrayals of Muslims on our prime-time series "24". I brokered conversations and meetings between [MPAC], our leading creative executives and the Executive Producers of the series. I was deeply impressed with the conduct of the Muslim representatives. Their poised, rational but firm defense of their community's values and contribution to our society reminded me, as an African American, of what must have been required of my ancestors in the most difficult days of the civil rights struggle. Those conversations restored some of my optimism that calm and candid dialogue can continue to provide a path to American progress."



President of Bayan Claremont Univ.; Adjunct Professor: Muslim Studies

"I felt inspired and enlightened by my experience at MPAC working as an intern. I felt hopeful for the future and it really left a tremendous impact on me. I esteem MPAC and the work that they're doing very highly these days as really a leading Islamic organization nationally and internationally.

I owe where I am today in large part to my experience interning at MPAC as an undergraduate in 1993. I remember the encouragement that I received at MPAC...On my first day we sat down ...and discussed what it is that we would like to do that summer and I felt valued. My input was well received and... I felt, ultimately, empowered, as a person, and as a leader...In many ways, that influenced the direction of my life since.

I am really grateful to MPAC for the opportunity to intern there. It has really enlightened me as a human being and shown me the potential of what a professional Islamic organization can be like."



2012 MPAC Media Summit Delegate

"MPAC is about bringing people together that are trying to make the world a better place. The MPAC Media Summit renewed my faith in journalism, and renewed my faith in what producers and reporters expect out of Muslims. I was so impressed with MPAC for cultivating such incredible relationships with top producers, reporters and networks."



TV Host, Producer, Media Consultant

"I've been volunteering for MPAC for a few years now, I've gotten to know the team quite well and I feel like I'm part of the MPAC family. Not only have I come to know the people, but I've also come to know what they stand for, what they're working for and what a difference they're really making. Their work has made me think about my identity as an American Muslim, what I can do with that role and what voice I can have in terms of bringing awareness to a lot of people. That's how we got started with an audio series called 'Straight Talk Podcasts with Dr. Hathout' which offers an open platform of honest conversations about relevant and contemporary issues facing the Muslim community with the purpose of triggering critical thought and inspiring action. In the few years that I have been working with MPAC, so much has changed in my life and they have definitely been a part of that."