Media Award Recipient "Fordson" Coming to Theaters

August 28, 2011

The long anticipated documentary “Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football”  is scheduled for national release Friday, Sept. 9.  

"Fordson," a 20th Annual MPAC Media Awards Honoree, follows four Muslim high school football players as they prepare for a rivalry game during their senior year that falls during the last 10 days of Ramadan. The film focuses not only on the players’ struggle to prepare for a big game while fasting, but also the adversity faced by the predominantly Muslim community in a post 9-11 America.  

Set in Dearborn, MI, at Fordson High School, which was built by Henry Ford in 1922, the school, which was once an all-white school, now has a 98 percent Arab population. 

"Fordson" is scheduled to run for one-week at AMC theaters in Atlanta, Chicago, the Washington, DC, area, Dallas, Dearborn, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, San Francisco and San Jose. Click here to view where it will be playing in your city. 

“We are honored that AMC selected ‘Fordson’ for theatrical distribution,” said Rashid Ghazi, the film’s director and executive producer. “It is an inspirational story about the American Dream that we hope everyone gets a chance to see.”

The film recently received the Special Grand Jury Award at the Slamdance FilmFestival and was named Champion of the World Cup Film Awards.

-- Deana Nassar
Hollywood Liaison

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