NewGround Alum Adam Motiwala Injured in Islamabad Suicide Attack

October 7, 2009

Adam Motiwala injured in bombing in Islamabad
Adam Motiwala injured in bombing in Islamabad

On Monday, we learned that Adam Motiwala, a Southern California native an alum from the NewGround program, was injured in the U.N. World Food Program bombing in Islamabad. Thankfully, he's ok and he even posted a video on Facebook saying as much.

SEE: "U.N. Shuts Pakistan Offices After Deadly Attack" (Associated Press)

"Adam is a shining example of the young generation of Muslim Americans who take working for peace and justice into their own hands," said Executive Director Salam Al-Marayati. "We're proud that he has gone on to work with the U.N. World Food Program to serve vulnerable populations, and we pray for his speedy recovery."

Medical officials at two hospitals said five staff members were killed, including two Pakistani women, two Pakistani men and an Iraqi.

"There was a huge bang, and something hit me. I fell on the floor bleeding," Adam told MSNBC.

The U.N. considers itself a major target in Pakistan. Many of its offices are surrounded by 12-foot-high blast walls, and its staff members are driven in bulletproof cars and not allowed to bring their families with them on assignment in the country.

What a cruel twist of fate that this horrific attack was carried out by ruthless extremists against their own people -- Muslims who are jeopardizing their lives to further justice, equality and assistance to the poor.

In fact, this latest attack is an example of how terrorism by Muslim perpetrators kills 40 times more Muslims than non-Muslims. According to Rik Coolsaet, a European counterterrorism expert, between 1992 and 2007, the Muslim victim count reached 175,000 while the non-Muslim death toll reached 4,000.

-- Edina Lekovic (,
Communications Director

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