MPAC Seeking Answers from Federal Government On Seizure of Assets of Alavi Foundation

November 12, 2009

In the wake of news reports that the U.S. government today filed a complaint in U.S. Federal Court to seize the assets of the Alavi Foundation, the Muslim Public Affairs Council is seeking more information on this case. The Alavi Foundation reportedly controls the assets of four mosques throughout the U.S., whihc are also named in the complaint.

The complaint includes an accusation that the Alavi Foundation did business with Bank Melli, which is on the Office of Foreign and Assets Control list (OFAC). Published by the Treasure Department, the list names individuals, organizations and businesses that are illegal to accept funds from and provide expenditures to.

If the accusation is proven true in federal court, MPAC calls on the U.S. government to avoid indicting entire institutions and mosques, as they play a vital role in their communities. MPAC will continue to monitor this case and will await a decision by the court on this complaint.

MPAC urges mosques to review their bylaws and procedures to ensure complete transparency and accountability of all financial transactions. MPAC encourages all Muslim American non-profits organizations to consider adopting Strengthening Charities¬Ě, a set of best practices in non-profit management established by Muslim Advocates.

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