"Challenging Islamophobia" at Center for American Progress Forum

On Monday, Haris Tarin (Director of the MPAC-DC Office) participated in a forum which tackled the issue of "Challenging Islamophobia," sponsored by the Center for American Progress (CAP). Watch video of the event below, which had a standing room only audience of more than 150 people, including government officials, academics, policy  makers and citizens, to discuss the most pressing issues on the topic of Islamophobia today.

Panelists addressed the various components of this dangerous phenomenon, which not only affects the Muslim American community but has become an  issue facing our society at large.

During the discussion the panelists addressed the following main issues:

  • What forces are behind the spike in anti-Muslim hate speech and what is their goal? 
  • What are civic and faith communities doing to combat this dangerous trend? 
  • What are the global consequences of Islamophobia? 
  • How do we change the narrative?

"It is imperative that we have an ongoing conversation on Islamophobia as part of our public discourse," said Tarin. "Islamophobia is not only a Muslim issue, it has become a challenge to our values as Americans, and we must have the will to address it head on. CAP's forum on Islamophobia is an example of the type if discourse that is needed nationally." 

The panel was moderated by Faiz Shakir, vice president and editor of one of CAP's blogs, Think Progress, and it also  included:

  • Wajahat Ali, playwright, essayist, humorist, and attorney
  • The Rev. Chloe Breyer, Executive Director, Interfaith Center of New York and Episcopal Priest, Diocese of New York
  • Ken Gude, Director, International Justice and Security Program, Center for American Progress

- Alejandro J. Beutel (alejandro@mpac.org)
Government Liaison

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