Since 1991 MPAC has honored those who use art and media to create enriching and humanizing portrayals of Islam and Muslims and promote diversity and social justice issues that inspire action.

New Special Guests Added

Performance by “X Factor” contestant Ashly Williams

"You are the reason we brought this show to America." - Simon Cowell

Hosted by actor and comedian, Aron Kader

Founding member of "The Axis of Evil" comedy tour

Special appearances by Mike Farrell & Faran Tahir

The actors will be serving as special presenters during the Gala

  • MPAC Hollywood Bureau - meet the creators
  • Networking session with Steve Bing
  • Discussion & mixer with Howard Gordon
  • Meet Steve Bing

About MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau

Fostering Relationships with Industry Professionals

Our staff meet regularly with executives, producers, directors, screenwriters and actors to develop mutually beneficial relationships, and share expertise and insight that can lead to financially and critically successful projects.

Consulting on Film & TV Projects

We work with studios and production companies on projects depicting Islam or Muslims, promote balanced and accurate portrayals of Muslim-related issues, and educate the filmmakers and producers about religious, political and cultural issues in the Muslim world.

Leveraging the Network

We create opportunities for Hollywood professionals to interact with creative talent with the goal of facilitating American Muslim involvement in Hollywood. We also provide opportunities for studios and filmmakers to screen their work before Muslim audiences and gather feedback.

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Some of our past honorees

Cherien Dabis

I am a huge believer of the work that MPAC does… They were a huge part of our grassroots marketing campaign.

Cherien Dabis / Director, "Amreeka"
Karan Johar

This is the first award I have received for 'My name is Khan.' I can’t tell you how special it feels.

Karan Johar / Director, "My Name is Khan"
Ron Taylor

These kinds of recognition really signal to Hollywood… the importance of the emerging and very lucrative multi-cultural marketplace.

Ron Taylor / FOX VP of Diversity