MPAC Media Awards

Saturday, May 2nd in Los Angeles

May 2, 2015

We're excited to share with you that the 24th Annual MPAC Media Awards, honoring “Voices of Courage and Conscience,” will be held on May 2nd, at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

We are excited that this year’s honorees embody what it means to be a “Voice of Courage and Conscience.” This year’s honorees include the HBO Documentary, “The Newburgh Sting” and IFC Film’s Camp X-Ray, starring Kristen Stewart, best known for the Twilight series and Peyman Moadi, star of the Oscar-winning film, A Separation.

Both projects examine government policies and practices that directly impact the Muslim community, one tackling the Guantanamo Bay prison and the other exposing the FBI’s use of informants in mosques. With the constant barrage of negative images of Islam and Muslims, it’s especially important to come together as a community to celebrate when members of Hollywood get the story right!

The Newburgh Sting

The Newburgh Sting
tells the story of four men from the impoverished and largely African-American city of Newburgh, NY, who were apprehended for an alleged terror plot on May 20, 2009. They had no history of violence or terrorist ties, but had been drawn by an FBI informant into a carefully orchestrated terrorist scheme. Their dramatic arrest, complete with armored cars, a SWAT team and FBI aircrafts, played out under the gaze of major TV outlets, ultimately resulting in 25-year prison sentences for the “Newburgh Four.”

Amidst the media frenzy surrounding the case, political figures extolled the outcome as a victory in the “war on terror” and a “textbook example of how a major investigation should be conducted,” though others believed the four men were victims of FBI entrapment. The Newburgh Sting delves deeply into this case – one of many cases across the country where people have been allegedly drawn into a plot with extreme consequences.

Camp X-Ray

In Camp X-Ray, a young woman (Kristen Stewart) joins the military to be part of something bigger than herself and her small town roots. But she ends up as a new guard at Guantanamo Bay instead, where her mission is far from black and white. Surrounded by hostile prisoners and aggressive squadmates, she strikes up an unusual friendship with one of the detainees. This is a story of two people, on opposite sides of a war, struggling to find their way through the ethical quagmire of Guantanamo Bay. In the process, they form an unlikely bond that changes them both.

Stay tuned for more announcements on our 24th Annual MPAC Media Awards.



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