MPAC & ISNA Condemn Desecration of Bodies in Afghanistan by U.S. Marines

MPAC Sends Letter to Sec. of Defense Asking for Immediate Action

January 11, 2012

MPAC and ISNA announced that they are deeply disturbed by the contents of a video posted on YouTube todaydepicting U.S. Marines urinating on dead bodies in Afghanistan, and the two organizations condemn any actions that desecrate human being’s dignity and respect, even in death.

SEE:U.S. Marines to Investigate Video of Soldiers Urinating on Corpses” (TMZ)

MPAC has sent a letter to the Department of Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta demanding the soldiers be reprimanded and be held accountable for their deplorable actions, as well as asking for a thorough investigation of this incident.

ALSO SEE: MPAC’s Letter to Sec. Leon Panetta

We are shocked to see representatives of our great nation engaging in behavior that disrespects America, our values and our armed forces. This behavior is against the military’s code of conduct as well as the Geneva Convention’s rules on prisoners of war.

Unfortunately, these types of actions can only serve to bring animosity to the United States as it diminishes the trust other nations and their citizens have put in us.

All human beings are endowed with sanctity and dignity in both life and death. The behavior evidenced in this video is morally reprehensible and should be condemned by the United States government in the strongest terms.

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