MPAC to Host Capitol Hill Forum on “Avoiding Disaster” in Iran on Jan. 30

Position Paper on Iran Also to be Released

January 30, 2012

MPAC is bringing together the top thinkers on Iran for a Capitol Hill forum on Monday, Jan. 30, 2012, to discuss “Avoiding Disaster: The Consequences of a Military Strike Against Iran and its Alternatives.” At the forum, MPAC will also release a position paper on the U.S. military's engagement with Iran.

SEE: “Avoiding Disaster: The Consequences of a Military Strike Against Iran and its Alternatives” (Facebook)

The forum will feature Geneive Abdo, director of the Inside Iran project at the Century Foundation, and Jamal Abdi, director of policy at the National Iranian American Council, alongside Alejandro Beutel, MPAC's Government and Policy Analyst.

The speakers will examine the military, economic, political and nuclear non-proliferation effects of an attack on Iran, as well as address questions such as:

  • What drives Iranian decision making on its nuclear program?
  • Is Iran actually seeking a nuclear weapon?
  • What are regional impacts of an attack?
  • How can the public officials move away from excessive politicking and toward an informed discussion on dealing with Iran?

“In recent weeks, many high-profile politicians and media pundits have proposed the idea of an attack on Iran without seriously discussing its consequences,” Beutel said. “Without an adult conversation, our officials are setting our nation up for another overseas folly on the same level of disaster as Iraq. We as a nation cannot afford, literally and figuratively, to go through another war founded on trumped-up allegations.”

MPAC’s report, “Selecting ‘Options on the Table’ Carefully,” draws upon expert opinion in security strategy, energy policy and international politics to provide a sober analysis of the effects of a military strike on Iran and outline effective alternatives to another overseas war.

Avoiding Disaster:
The Consequences of a Military Strike Against Iran and its Alternatives

Monday, Jan. 30, 2012 from 12:30 - 2 p.m.

Cannon House Office Building, Room 121 in Washington, DC

Jamal Abdi, Director of Policy, National Iranian American Council 
Heather Hurlburt, Executive Director, National Security Network 
Paul Pillar, regular contributor for Foreign Affairs, The National Interest and 
Alejandro J. Beutel, Government and Policy Analyst, MPAC (Moderator)

Lunch will be served

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