Meet Our Spring 2017 Policy Intern, Yasmeen Kaboud

April 7, 2017

I come from a multiracial family that is half white American, half Egyptian-American. Growing up, I had to reconcile those two sides of my family and synthesize their opinions (which often differed widely) into a cohesive opinion that I could support and defend. By doing so, I became interested in public policy – both in topics that affect the Muslim community as a whole (national security, religious liberty, etc.) and topics that affect everyone that I think the Muslim community should voice support for as well (education, women’s health, etc.).

As the spring Government and Policy intern for MPAC, I hope to gain experience and insight into the workings of DC in order to start a career in public policy. I am currently a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Political Science and American History, with a minor in American Sign Language. My passion for engagement and leadership has led me to take on leadership positions in APO (a service organization at Penn) and in Penn Singers (Penn’s light opera company). I have also worked with Education Voters in PA to help raise awareness about issues affecting Philadelphia’s public school system.

I believe that it is important for the Muslim community to become aware and engaged in all forms of social justice, not just the topics that affect us directly. By engaging with POC, women’s rights, and other advocates we can prove that we are a population that is truly committed to making America a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all. I hope to take advantage or the tools and resources available to me through MPAC to start making a real difference.

Yasmeen Kaboud is a Policy Intern at MPAC and is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania. 

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