Meet Our Spring 2017 Communications Intern, Roya Ayub

April 11, 2017

Growing up as an Afghan Muslim American brought on many challenges in my life. I have experienced both strangers and friends attempting to put me down because of my faith. However, as I grew up under the guidance of many empowered Muslim women, I gained the confidence and pride in my identity that led me to be the strong woman I am today.

As a senior studying marketing at George Mason University I have learned that my passion for marketing can also benefit the American Muslim community through MPAC. In these troubling times I know that there are many children facing the same challenges as I once did and I hope to help them in the way I know best. Throughout my years at GMU I have learned that when marketing successfully you can influence anyones thoughts and change their perceptions on even the worst stereotypes.

I hope that during my time here at MPAC I will not only gain marketing experience, I hope to contribute to promoting the mission and vision of the organization as well.

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