Challenging Change to Federal Grant

February 14, 2017

Dear Friend,

MPAC is aware and supportive of our partners in the field that have declined federal funds awarded by the Obama Administration to provide local American Muslim communities with the tools, staff, and resources to support their members, and enhance their overall safety, health, and resilience.

As is evident by last night’s resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, things are changing quickly. We are monitoring the political landscape daily to determine what actions -- political, legislative, and legal -- will most effectively counter the Trump Administration’s anti-Muslim bigotry and policies that target Muslims.

To date no group, including MPAC has received funds from the federal grant program. In fact, there has been no contact from the grant program since President Trump’s inauguration.

We will not stand on the sidelines if and when the Trump Administration changes the grant program to target Muslims whether through the proposed Countering Islamic Extremism program or otherwise. We believe such a program would be unconstitutional and unAmerican and should be challenged in the federal courts and the court of public opinion.

MPAC’s mission is to improve public understanding and policies that affect American Muslims. Our 30-year track record is clear: our top priority has been, and always will be, to uphold the civil liberties and rights of vulnerable communities and to provide an American Muslim voice in public affairs. This work is possible because of your support. This is our work together.

During these times, I am reminded by something my friend Cornel West wrote, “Hope is more the consequence of action than its cause. As the experience of the spectator favors fatalism, so the experience of the agent produces hope.”

Thank you for inspiring all of us among the staff to be agents for change; and thus, producers of hope.

In service and solidarity,

Salam Al-Marayati


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